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English version of Hatsune Miku software may come to the U.S. and more info from NYAF/NYCC

So a short intro - I'm [info]shinaka and part of leetNEET, a small site devoted to news and reviews of anime/manga, games, and other things that make otaku tick. Right now, we're doing reporting straight from New York Comic Con/New York Anime Festival. Naturally, it made me happy when we found out there was a Vocaloid panel on Friday hosted by none other than the two men who made Miku: Hiroyuki Ito and Wataru Sasaki of Crypton!

Click here for more info, pics, and a vid of the panel (only the part where the creators announced the news though)!

Anyways, the short of it is that for the English version of the Miku software to come to the U.S., we need to friend her Facebook page until it reaches 39,390 fans! :D Also, they talked about Rin/Len Append coming out in December (just a few months away~), as well as a special Miku edition of the Tokyo Kawai Magazine coming out next month, and a potential Vocaloid shop coming to the U.S. - if the demand is high enough, that is.

This is sooo frickin' EXCITINGGGG 8DD
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