Akito Hyuuga (Akito Hyuuga) wrote in vocaloid,
Akito Hyuuga
Akito Hyuuga

300 Vocaloid Songs

Hello! Does anyone could help me?
I'm working for a Vocaloid rhythm game, but sorry I can't describe about it now.
The things I really need is 300 Vocaloid Songs.

I'm fine with cover songs.
Now I'm having about 150 songs so I need 150 more (it's the half!).

You can write as many as you want and can but like I said before. I need at least 150 Vocaloid songs, both of originals and covers.

Just write the title. It's fine if you don't write the vocalist and the composer. I would just go Google it.


Note: Sorry for my bad English :p
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